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Louisiana House Bill

HB 1247

Prohibits coverage of elective abortions by health insurance issuers

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Bill Text

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Session: 2010
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This text refers to the Passage With Amendment in the Senate.
Vote to pass a bill prohibiting health plans offered through an exchange from covering abortion.
-Specifies that, for the Louisiana legislature, human life begins at conception and that abortion is legal in the state only because of the Supreme Court jurisprudence (Sec. 1). -Specifies that, if decisions of the United States Supreme Court are ever reversed, abortion will be illegal in Louisiana (Sec. 1). -Prohibits health plans established in Louisiana through an exchange pursuant to federal health reform legislation from offering coverage for abortions (Sec. 2). -Specifies that nothing in this act shall be construed or implied to recognize any independent right to abortion or to recognize the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Sec. 2). -Specifies that if any provision of this act is held invalid, the other provisions of this act shall remain in effect as long as they have themselves not been struck down (Sec. 3).

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House Signed by the Governor. Becomes Act No. 941.
House Effective date: July 2, 2010.
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