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Vote in the Louisiana House HB 115 — Motion ADOPT CONFERENCE REPORT (#939)


SCHOOLS/DISTRICTS:  Provides for parent petitions relative to the transfer of certain schools from the Recovery School District back to the local school system (RE1 SEE FISC NOTE LF EX See Note)

Vote Breakdown

Yes 100 Chart?chbh=20&chs=535x100&cht=bhs&chco=405695,b43030,999999&chds=0,105,0,105,0,105&chf=bg,s,65432100&chd=t:0,0,0|54,0,4|46,0,1&chm=%40f50+needed+to+pass%2a%2c666666%2c1%2c0.2%3a0
No 0
Other 5
* 'Needed to pass' is not always accurate. Why?

Geography of the Vote

Geography of the vote
Democrat Republican Other
Dem-yes-map Yes Rep-yes-map Yes Ind-yes-map Yes
Dem-no-map No Rep-no-map No Ind-no-map No

The rules for the number of votes needed to pass are complex; and we can't always get the data we need to calculate this number properly. So this is our best guess.

Full Roll Call

Yes Votes
Name District Party
Neil C. Abramson 98 D
Bryan Adams 85 R
John "Andy" Anders 21 D
James K. Armes 30 D
Jeffery Arnold 102 D
Austin Badon, Jr. 100 D
Taylor F. Barras 48 R
Regina Barrow 29 D
John A. Berthelot 88 R
Robert E. Billiot 83 D
Wesley T. Bishop 99 D
Stuart J. Bishop 43 R
Chris Broadwater 86 R
Jared Brossett 97 D
Terry R. Brown 22 I
Richard T. Burford 7 R
Henry L. Burns 9 R
Timothy G. Burns 89 R
Roy Burrell 2 D
Thomas Carmody 6 R
Stephen F. Carter 68 R
Simone B. Champagne 49 R
Charles R. Chaney 19 R
Patrick Connick 84 R
Kenny R. Cox 23 D
Gregory Cromer 90 R
Michael E. Danahay 33 D
Herbert Dixon 26 D
Gordon Dove 52 R
John Bel Edwards 72 D
James "Jim" Fannin 13 R
Franklin J. Foil 70 R
A B Franklin 34 D
Randal L. Gaines 57 D
Raymond E. Garofalo 103 R
Brett Geymann 35 R
Jerry Gisclair 54 D
Hunter Greene 66 R
Mickey Guillory 41 D
John E. Guinn 37 R
Lance Harris 25 R
Joe Harrison 51 R
Kenneth E. Havard 62 R
Lowell C. "Chris" Hazel 27 R
Cameron Henry 82 R
Bob Hensgens 47 R
Dorothy Sue Hill 32 D
Frank A. Hoffmann 15 R
Paul Hollis 104 R
Dalton Honoré 63 D
Frank A. Howard 24 R
Marcus L. Hunter 17 D
Mike Huval 46 R
Barry Ivey 65 R
Girod Jackson, III 87 D
Edward C. "Ted" James 101 D
Patrick O. Jefferson 11 D
Robert A. Johnson 28 D
Sam Jones 50 D
Eddie J. Lambert 59 R
Nancy Landry 31 R
Terry Landry 96 D
H. Bernard LeBas 38 D
Walt Leger, III 91 D
Christopher J. Leopold 105 R
Joseph P. Lopinto 80 R
Nick Lorusso 94 R
Sherman Q. Mack 95 R
Gregory A. Miller 56 R
Jack Montoucet 42 D
Helena Moreno 93 D
James Morris 1 R
John C. "Jay" Morris 14 R
Barbara M. Norton 3 D
Stephen J. Ortego 39 D
J. Kevin Pearson 76 R
Vincent J. Pierre 44 D
Erich E. Ponti 69 R
J. Rogers Pope 71 R
Edward J. Price 58 D
Steve E. Pylant 20 R
Eugene Reynolds 10 D
Jerome Richard 55 I
Harold Ritchie 75 D
Joel C. Robideaux 45 R
Clay Schexnayder 81 R
John M. Schroder 77 R
Alan Seabaugh 5 R
Patricia Haynes Smith 67 D
Karen Gaudet St. Germain 60 D
Julie Stokes 79 R
Kirk Talbot 78 R
Major Thibaut 18 D
Ledricka Thierry 40 D
Jeff R. Thompson 8 R
Lenar L. Whitney 53 R
Patrick Williams 4 D
Alfred C. Williams 61 D
Thomas P. Willmott 92 R
Other Votes
Name District Party
Valarie Hodges 64 R
Katrina R. Jackson 16 D
Stephen E. Pugh 73 R
Robert E. Shadoin 12 R
Scott M. Simon 74 R